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Prompt 6
When I was little, the only times when I wasn't the epitome of a hyperactive child that was high on sugar was during bath times with my mom. She had found, through many trial and error attempts that no amount of yelling, chastising, bribing, and even the good old punishment routine would make me behave.
Yelling would only be combated by my own shrill screams, stopping only when my face had turned purple from lack of breath. Scolding only resulted in sulky fits and pouty tantrums, while bribing did nothing at all as I'd always manage to weasel the desired object from my dad. As for punishments? Well, my parents didn't believe in corporal punishment so they tried the "time-out" route. They never realized that time-out was a battle of the wills between parent and child. Left in a corner with nothing to do, I belted out ear-splitting screams and cried elephant tears until I'd tired myself out and given everyone – including the neighbors – ringing ears and a migraine.
And then my
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Prompt 5
Rain poured down in sheets, the cold soaking through her robes and seeping straight to her bones. The warlock blinked furiously, free hand reaching up to quickly swipe at her eyes and brush away damp tendrils of auburn hair. The other hand clutched at her staff, knuckles white as she clung onto it while staring intently into the darkness around her. Her breath came out in short and shallow gasps as her mind raced, paranoia causing her to constantly turn back and forth, side to side.
She'd taken too much damage already, having used all of her potions she was down to one last burst of magic.  A light aura glowed around her hand, dimly lighting the area around her until she clenched her fist around it and darkness resumed. This was all she had left, could she do it? Should she turn back after all? No. No, the town was too far.
Her friends had said she couldn't do it, her guild mates just brushed it off – too busy with their own affairs to help a fledgling warlock. After sto
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Prompt 4
The audience applauded their approval as the man on stage took a bow, an assortment of colored doves settling behind him in a pastel colored rainbow. The past few minutes had passed full of suspense and wonder, with the crowd gaping in awe as the suave magician performed his routine flawlessly — one trick after another.
Rising from his bow, the doves flew up as if on cue, only to burst into a shower of downy feathers. As the soft feathers floated gently down and settled in a pile of fluff, the applause died down as the eager spectators waited to be amazed yet again. "And now, for my next trick, I'd like a volunteer…" Excited anticipation now buzzed throughout the seats as each hoped to be chosen.
A short moment of disbelief blossomed into a glow of pleasure when the girl realized she'd been chosen. Jittery butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she took his proffered hand and let herself be led up the short flight of steps and onto the stage. The shyer part of her balked ben
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Prompt 3
Do you remember, that day in September, when I asked you to be mine?
Surrounded by the flaming autumn woods, with only the soft slosh of water disturbing the calling of birds, do you remember how my arms shook nervously as I rowed?
I still remember, the look on your face, as I stuttered from my own insecurity. How your lips quirked into a soft smile, how your cheeks blushed a rosy pink, the way your lashes lowered shyly, how a strand of your hair fell forwards as you gazed down towards the water…you looked absolutely ravishing.
I still remember how my heart beat in my throat, how my hands hurt from gripping the handles of the oars…how my spirit soared when you said yes.
Do you remember, that night in November, when you made me yours?
Shadows flickering along the walls as candles lined the tables, the light scent of Jasmine wafting around the room, was I truly beautiful to you?
I still remember how your hands trembled, the feel of silk as it slid off my body and onto the floor
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Prompt 2
"She didn't even bother opening the door this time, the cops just showed up!"
"I'm telling you man, just give it up. She's not gonna help you."
"She will! Once she listens to what I have to say, she'll be begging to join as a member. After all, she's a scientist. The words 'time travel' causes the blood of a scientist to bubble, it makes us itch to experiment, causes us endless sleepless nights over research!"
"Well, it could also be that she's a rational human being who doesn't believe in time travel."
"Hmph. I don't even know why you're on the team. You're a non-believer!"
"No, I'm just realistic. Either way, she's already retired from being a scientist."
"She's a girl genius. She's published dozens of papers and given lectures all across the country. How could she possibly be retired?"
"I dunno man, but that's the official news. Something about how she missed out on high school life since she spent all her time in the lab. Now she's taking a break to enjoy the college lifestyle."
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Prompt 1
Here is a warm sea.
The skylarks that dance in the sky are tears.
You're a kind and green child.

She woke with a start, hand fluttering up automatically to grab at the locket that hung around her neck, body tensed to spring at a moment's notice. Clutching the pendant in her hand, she relaxed ever so slightly, eyes flicking to and fro as she checked her surroundings. Still there, it was still there, and that's all that mattered…
"As long as you have this, you'll always be safe. As long as you have this, I'll always come running for you." Safe. She was safe, and more importantly, alive. For now. No, she'd always be safe, as long as she had it with her. Because he'd promised. He'd find her, and they'd be together again. Forever.
The lyrics of the familiar lullaby drifted through her mind. While she could never remember the voice or even the face of the singer upon waking, she never forgot the words.
Here is a warm sea.
The great, great affection that sleeps in the depths of
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Shall  be engaging myself with a different little challenge. A challenge to write regularly so as to prevent myself from lapsing into yet another phase of inactivity.

And so, the only two rules that I'll be setting myself are:

- To respond to a prompt every other day [Thus giving myself one day to think it over and another to respond]
- To try and write at least 300 words for each response [Though I won't be too hard on myself if I go below or above]

Prompts can be anything. From a word, to a phrase. An image, or a song. These prompts are merely meant to help jog the imagination and prod the fickle muse into action. My responses may not actually have anything to do specifically with the prompt, in fact, they may not be complete stories at all. While the prompt itself  may not be included within the response, and the responses may just be short scenes the end result is to just continually write on a regular basis. So forgive me if some responses are short and may be lacking in detail.

Encouragement, support, comments, suggestions...these are all welcome! Ideas for future prompts can be posted in the Prompt Idea section of the blog. If you have any comments of your thoughts to my responses, critique of how you think it could have been better -- please tell me so! I'd love to hear them, and am always looking to improve my writing.



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